Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Travel Tip #1

If you're like me, you love to get away from time to time, but sometimes the cost of staying in a hotel is more than you can afford. Not anymore! is a website dedicated to helping you get the best deals possible on lodging through Hotwire and Priceline.

You can search by state by scrolling down towards the bottom on the front page. Choose the state you'll be staying in, then choose either Hotwire or Priceline for that state. People who have recently won hotel rooms on these websites will share the hotel name, star rating, location, and best of all, the price they got the room for. BetterBidding will then link you through to the Priceline and Hotwire websites, where you can make your bid based on the information you've received.

I've gotten several very nice hotel rooms for $30-40 dollars on a weekend using this site. You'll want to refer back to BetterBidding every time you travel. It's worth the time it takes to research for the money you'll save.

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