Monday, November 9, 2009

Talk to Me Tuesday!

So I want to try this out as a weekly feature on my blog...Talk to Me Tuesday! I would like to get to know all of you better, and I thought this would be a fun way for all of us to learn more about each other. Each week, I'll post a topic and you can leave a comment regarding that topic if you'd like.

This week, I'd like for you to tell me about something new you've recently started doing. It could be anything from trying to get in shape to learning to bake...whatever you want to share! I'll start...

Last week, I started working part-time. I've been home ever since I went on bed rest nearly 5 years ago with my twin boys. It's been an emotional adjustment for me to be away from them and it's hard because I know that it means a new chapter in my life is starting. I can't believe they'll be starting school next year already! :(

I am still very thankful for this job opportunity (I'm working at my church) and the hours are so flexible that I can go in whenever it works out for our family. I just have to get really good at juggling a few more things! (Hey, that's what mommies do best anyway, right)?

What's new with you?


  1. Hi there!! I have a quick question for you. I do a huge Walmart And Target list every week, Target done by Monday, and Walmart is done on Wednesday...would like to use either of those list? I think I already asked you that, because you are in my "advertising section" but I've check all my notes, and cannot

    Part of getting old I guess..."smile"

    Let me know. I still love your button.. It is too cute!!

    Talk to you soon.

    I will start grabbing somethings from your site more now that my daughter's surgery is done. She had a spinal fusion!! Very long surgery and long recovery...things on their way up now!

    Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun

  2. I have started to take more time out for myself to do the simple things such as reading a book or painting my nails that I once enjoyed before the kiddies came into my life. I notice I'm a much happier person for it.